Fly Me To the Moon!

June 2oth marked the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's first walk on the moon. The following are resources to share with your students or children about this historical event.

1. Find out how to view the moon in Google Earth at Free Technology for Teachers.
2. Read about 5 great books about astronauts at this link to 5 Great Books.
3. JFK's "We Choose the Moon" speech at Free Technology for Teachers.
4. Unearth places to find quality images at The Whiteboard Blog.
5. Anastasia's Suen's Book of the Week post shares information and activities to go along with her book Man on the Moon.
6. Video timeline of Apollo 11 moon landing at Free Technology for Teachers.

Children's Literature

I love children's literature!
Anastasia's Suen has 5 blogs about children's literature that I love following on Google Reader. My favorites are Picture Book of the Day, Book of the Week and 5 Great Books. Picture Book of the Day introduces you to a book and gives you an idea about how you can use the story to motivate writers. Anastasia says, "Teachers are busy so I get right to the point. Monday through Friday I post a new picture book on this blog with a 1 or 2 line plot summary (no spoilers!), a short quote from the text (in italics), and a writing activity for one of the six traits" Anastasia's Book of the Week blog is a place where she introduces you to one of her books. She posts the cover, a brief description and links that you can use after you read the book with your class. The purpose of the 5 Great Books blog is to provide a thematic book lists for children learning to read.

SMART Board Websites

I got a SMART Board about 4 weeks before the end of the school year. I have spent a lot of time this summer looking for SMART Board tips, tricks, websites and Notebooks. These sites are my interactive websites "finds" and the links to where I found them.

This final website is a great place to find and download
SMART Board Notebooks.