What we learned about space...

After our space unit I made this journal for my kiddos to record some of their learning. I am so excited about all that they have learned and their ability to record that learning:)

Four Seasons Trees

We have visited the same tree during the four season of the year. During each visit we drew a picture in our science notebooks. We took advantage of a sunny day this week to draw our spring tree full of buds.

Whooooo is awake at night?

As part of our study of day and night we made these adorable scrapbook paper owls.

Go Fish Musical

We were amazing at our musical last night!!

nonfiction writing try-its

To get ready for our nonfiction writing unit I read my students lots of nonfiction books. They selected topics that they wanted to research and we found books for them to read. We read nonfiction books with labeled pictures, interesting fonts and fun facts and gave these nonfiction writing crafts a try ourselves. Stay tuned as my nonfiction experts start to write their own books. Watch out Gail Gibbons...Room 131 loves to write nonfiction!!