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Greetings From Room 131!!

Michael from my morning class is spending a couple of months in Brechenridge, Colorado with his family playing in the snow. Today is his birthday and his kindergarten friends wanted to let him know that we hope he has a great day!

Mrs. Weisgerber has been out on medical leave and we wanted to let her know that we are thinking of her and hope that she is feeling better.

Snow + Shapes = Octagon Snowmen

It is cold and snowy, so we are writing, reading and crafting about it. We are also studying shapes. Combine the two together and you get octagon snowmen. We read All You Need For A Snowman and let our creative ideas start flowing.

Casey Start Your Engine!!!!

At the Pinewood Derby today Casey came in 1st in the Tiger race...then he came in 1st in the Pack race...and now he is off to districts! Life does not get any better than this when you are 6!
Check out this car...
Check out this smile...
Oh how I love this boy and his fast car!

Bloggin' Good Stuff

share information, student work samples and pictures of what is going on in your classroom using these fun gadgets...

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See What Everyone Is Bloggin' About?

Once I started blogging this summer, I wanted to find other teachers that were blogging. It has been fun to connect with other educators around the globe and share ideas with them. We did a math activity this fall that I saw on Mr. Kindergarten, I sent a link to an author about how we used some ideas from her book and I have been emailing April that blogs at Kindergarten Cronicles. It is on her blog that I got the idea to join Smilebox. Here is a list of some of the amazing educational blogs that I have found. Hope you find some inspiration and ideas. While you are visiting these blogs check out their blogroll and you will find even more blogs. Add them all to your Google Reader and life will never be the same...

Bloggin' About Kindergarten:

Bloggin' About Techy Stuff:

Bloggin' About Elementary School:

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Bloggin' Authors

Stranger in the Woods

We read the book Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick and made our own stranger in the woods. Look at the pictures below and see if your child can find their stranger in the woods. The blue boarder is the morning class and the red boarder is the afternoon class. You can click on the picture to make it bigger as you search for your stranger.

Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday we talked about segregation and how unfair it was. If you have spent any time at all with five year olds you know that being five is all about everything being fair, so it was a very interesting conversation. We looked at some pictures of the separate bathrooms, movie theaters, restaurants and drinking fountains for whites and blacks and unanimously agreed that it was definitely not a fair situation! (As a side note, understand that this whole conversation took place after we determined that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not President Obama or Abraham Lincoln.) Enjoy a few of our portraits of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as we are celebrate his accomplishments.

The After Christmas Tree

Maybe I had too much rest over the break, or I was dwelling too much on being sad that the holidays were over...whatever the reason, it led me to do this...

Deciding to make pinecone, peanut butter, birdseed ornaments for an after Christmas tree with 35 five and six year olds. I have always loved the book
The After Christmas Tree by Linda Wagner Tyler.
Feeling a little sad that the holidays are over, the family invites friends to an after Christmas party. They decide to take the decorations off their Christmas tree, drag it outside and make birdseed ornaments to hang on it to feed the birds and animals. Enjoy the pictures of us making our birdseed ornaments while you think about our classroom, the children and myself covered with birdseed and peanut butter.
We are keeping an eye on our After Christmas Tree to see if it is getting any visitors while we read about what animals like to use evergreen trees for their home or food source. Our tree is the middle evergreen tree at the end of the parking lot if you would like to check it out yourself.