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Children's Literature

I love children's literature!
Anastasia's Suen has 5 blogs about children's literature that I love following on Google Reader. My favorites are Picture Book of the Day, Book of the Week and 5 Great Books. Picture Book of the Day introduces you to a book and gives you an idea about how you can use the story to motivate writers. Anastasia says, "Teachers are busy so I get right to the point. Monday through Friday I post a new picture book on this blog with a 1 or 2 line plot summary (no spoilers!), a short quote from the text (in italics), and a writing activity for one of the six traits" Anastasia's Book of the Week blog is a place where she introduces you to one of her books. She posts the cover, a brief description and links that you can use after you read the book with your class. The purpose of the 5 Great Books blog is to provide a thematic book lists for children learning to read.

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