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The Boys (and 1 girl) of Summer!

We have had a great summer!  Brian and Casey played baseball, I went to see Coldplay, we went to a Reds and Dragon's game, went to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Casey learned to ride a two-wheeler, went canoeing, played on our friend's largest slip n' slide, Brian broke his wrist, we went to the pool a lot and an old car show.  I am looking forward to drawing and writing about what I did this summer.  What did you do this summer that you can draw or write about during Writers' Workshop?

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  1. Dear Mrs. Bell,

    I think I'll like my school and I think I'll make some new friends. I think I'll get used to it.

    This summer I played. I had great fun in the swimming pool. I played with my cousins.

    I'll eat lots of fruit so I can play.

    The End
    by Eve
    (typed by Eve's mom, Lis)