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Gail Gibbons Author Study

We are finishing our nonfiction writing unit with an author study of Gail Gibbons. Gail Gibbons has written and illustrated over 140 nonfiction books. Our nonfiction bookshelf is full of Gail Gibbons' books, we spent some time as a class looking through Gail Gibbons books for writing ideas and some of us are using Gail Gibbons' books as mentor text as we write our own nonfiction. As a class we noticed that Gail Gibbons almost always labels a picture in her books, puts words in interesting places, has lots of picture boxes on a page and sometimes likes to decorate the boarders of her pages. Check out Gail Gibbon's website to find out more information about this amazing nonfiction writer, look for some of her books at the library and ask your child what nonfiction book they are writing.

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  1. Gail Gibbons is one of my favorite authors. We have a great book about Thanksgiving that we read in November.