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Spider Facts

We have been busy researching spiders. Here is a list of facts that we learned about spiders and a movie of our spider project:
  • spiders have 2 body parts
  • all spiders make silk
  • spiders spin webs
  • baby spiders are called spiderlings
  • some spiders are poisonous
  • spiders like to climb
  • spiders eat insects
  • spiders don't stick to their webs because they are covered in oil
  • spiders have blue blood
  • spiders have fangs
  • some spiders carry their babies on their back
  • most spiders have 8 eyes
  • spiders have 8 legs
  • spiders like to build webs at night
  • spiders turn their food into soup and suck it up
  • the biggest spider is as big as a dinner plate
  • spiders have spinnerets
  • spiders are arachnids
  • spiders smell with their legs
  • spiders are different sizes
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Ask your child to tell you what they learned about spiders this month.


  1. Janet McGuire10/30/10, 8:06 PM

    We're catching up on all of these great activities. This is so cool we can see Finn and his classmates and all of their ideas. Really cool!

  2. What type of circular container did you use to for the art? I'm going to do this next month! Love your ideas!

  3. The container is a circle tray that I found at Walmart years ago.

  4. That was sooo cute!