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Room 131's Got Skills

I love Glogster! Here is a glog of some of our favorite websites that we have played on our Smartboard. There are 4 computers in my classroom and this glog is set as the home page when my students open Firefox. Our computer teacher has a glog that is the home page when they open Safari. So we have lots of skills to practice, practice, practice. The best part of Glogster is that I can update my glog weekly after I introduce new websites and instantly these sites are available to my students.

other glog ideas...
share ideas (Right to Read Week theme)
homework (my son's glog about friction


  1. Was this Glog created using the education version of glogster? If not, you should switch to using that version, otherwise your glog will be blocked in most districts. We love Glogster EDU too!

  2. I use both Glogster and Glogster EDU because there are things that I like about both of them. I am lucky that they aren't blocked at my school.

  3. Hi, Jonelle! I'm really enjoying your blog. I've been wondering what a 'Glog' was. Do you know if it is the same as Sqworl? Thanks, Andi

  4. Hi Jonelle - I really like the idea of setting the glog as your kids' homepage, so I plan to create one for my class. Can you tell me how you save the pictures of the games and insert into the glog?


  5. Stacy, I use grab or command/shift/4 on my mac to take pictures of the games and then upload them to glogster. I checked out your blog and you have an adorable family!! Thanks to your husband for his service to our country!!

  6. Andi, A glog is an online "poster" and a Sqworl is a bookmarking site.