Image Map

our classroom

Hello my new little friends!
Take your parents on a tour of our classroom.
Can you find...
our lunch magnets
our computers, kitchen and blocks
our Smartboard
our cubbies
our bathroom
our learning rug
our nonfiction books
our book nook
our Phonics Dance alphabet
our listening center
our fun shelf
our art center
our reading workshop area
our book boxes

I have pictures of our first few days of school that I will post as soon as 
I get all of our blog permission slips back. 
Mrs. Bell


  1. These photos are great. Looking forward to seeing your kids in action too.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. I love your writing, reading, math, and science posters. Did you make them or buy them? Where can I find them?? Thanks!

    1. Andrea Knight made the posters. You can find them on Teachers Pay Teachers: I sent them to Vista Print to make the posters.