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July Pick 3 Pinterest Party

  I am linking up with Just ReadPositively Teaching 
and Inspired Owl's Corner for their monthly 
Pinterest Pick 3 Party.

Celebrating another month of summer! Check out giant Jenga. We have been playing it all summer. It is a little loud when it comes crashing down, but it is lots of fun. This strawberry trifle is the best. I have gotten summer smart and started buying the angel food cake and Cool Whip to make this a fast favorite for summer get togethers. My last favorite is a summer banner. Thank you Pinterest for continuing to support my love of banners. Enjoy another month of celebrating summer!

Check out my Pinterest Summer Board 
for more summer fun...


  1. The strawberry trifle looks so good- perfect for summer! I love that giant Jenga too. How fun! Thank you for sharing your pins and linking up with us! :)

  2. yummy! Lemon pound cake strawberry trifle looks delicious! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. I love the giant Jenga would be great when my kids have friends over! Thanks for linking up and sharing your Pinterest finds!

  4. Ahh...I've been wanting my hubby to make a giant Jenga game. So fun! Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. The strawberry trifle looks fabulous! Great pins!

    Luv My Kinders

  6. Mmm...strawberry trifle! So delicious in the summertime!