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We have been very busy during Writing Workshop drawing fabulous pictures! Some of our pictures are of things that have actually happened to us. We found out that Tomie DePaola wanted to be an illustrator when he was 4 years old and he likes to draw about things that have happened to him. We also looked at some of Dr. Seuss' illustrations and talked about how he uses his imagination to draw. This summer I read the book Crafting Writers by Elizabeth Hale and I have been using her ideas about using craft techniques in drawing that are located on page 84 of her book. It is so exciting to see the children trying some of these techniques as well as others we have discussed. In the above drawings Ava and Rosie "filled up the white space" with their drawings, Isaac added the detail of drawing weather in the background of his picture, Madeline used the brand name McDonald's in her drawing, Steven and Carter added words by adding names to their drawings and Madeline and Mattie are starting to add words by adding labels to their pictures. Ask your child about what they are drawing in Writing Workshop.
Looking forward to reading their comments.
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  1. Carter said he was "writing a book" in writers workshop and "drawing pictures like Tomie DePaola". When asked what he was drawing about Carter said his friends "Ava, Evan and Emmabella were having a light saber fight with him."

  2. I love looking at the class books with Eve! I always ask her what she worked on during writing workshop. Thanks so much for sharing them. =o)