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Show and Share: My Desk

Michaele, who blogs at
sent out a request to see everyone's desk.
So here is my desk as it looked when I arrived at school today:
I have my weekly organizer from Lakeshore, my water bottle, a picture of my family, my Busy Body Book, post-it notes (I love post-it notes!), my computer ( I love my Mac) and some binders (I organize everything in a binder). But, at the end of the day I took a look at my desk and this is what I saw:
Piles, piles and more piles! My water bottle was replaced with a Diet Coke, there are buttons, letters, and papers that I need to do something with. I decided to take this picture, grab my purse and backpack and head for home.
Hopefully my desk will look like the top picture again soon.
Thanks Michaele for the fun post!

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  1. Yay, a fellow Binder Queen! I organize most everything that way too~ it makes it so much easier to just grab-and-go.

    Thanks for sharing- I'll be posting links back this weekend!