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Blogging about one of my favorite back to school books. I have a little bit of a problem when it come to purchasing/hoarding picture books. It is hard for me to pick a favorite back to school book, but you can never go wrong with introducing 5 year olds to The Pigeon. It doesn't take long for them to start "reading" this story during book nook time and they love to draw the pigeon during writing workshop. I have purchased multiple copies of the pigeon books because everyone wants to have one in their book box. 
Check out this Pigeon Freebie 
for some back to school fun...
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It's All About the Shapes

There are lots of fun math activities in my new Kindergarten geometry unit, It's All About the Shapes. These activities can be used for whole group or guided math instruction. This unit includes game boards, sorting mats, guessing bags, differentiated memory, guess my shape and spin and cover games that make learning about 2D and 3D shapes memorable. Go grab these activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
My students' favorite activity in this unit is the shape guessing game. I love the 
game Hedbanz. We play it in our classroom all the time, especially on Fun Friday. I used the headbands and concept of the game Hedbanz to create this activity. The student places shape or real object cards on their headband. The student wearing the headband can ask question about their shape. "Am I a solid shape? Do I have 6 faces? Do I roll?" You can also play this game by having students give the student wearing the headband clues. "You are a solid shape. You have lots of edges. All of your faces are the same." This game was a big hit during guided math groups.
There is also a fun math craft included in this unit...
Check out this and my other math activities in my 
Mrs. Bell

Mrs. Bell's Buddies Are First Grade Bound

THE BEST teacher gift! 
As the school year ended we had a big celebration to celebrate the writers, readers, mathematicians and scientist we became this year. My class gave me some awesome gifts. I got some gift cards to some of my favorite places and a 
Mrs. Bell Polka Dots Pal.
A mom used my "pal" to make my students t-shirts. We had a blast wearing our shirts and celebrating that Mrs. Bell's Buddies were First Grade Bound! Good luck Madeira Class of 2027 as you move through the learning ranks! Thank you Erin Beers from Mrs. Beers Language Arts Class for thinking of such a fun end of the year gift!
I have already put my Polka Dots Pal to good use this summer...
Mrs. Bell

$1 anchor charts

I love using anchor charts in my classroom. They usually hang on my chart stand or whiteboard while I am teaching a concept, then I move them to my focus board. I also use them in sign holders at my small group table. Anchor charts are a great way to focus and reinforce learning. These are single PDFs so that they are easy to upload to office supply stores to make posters. I like to use Vistaprint to make my posters. 
Come back soon! 
I will be adding more $1 anchor charts as I make them.
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great summer reads...

I read this... 
because I have also read these books by the same author...
I love this author so much that I had The Hypnotist's Love Story ready and waiting for the end of the school year. Big 
Little Lies is a fun teacher read because it focuses on three Kindergarten moms. Liane Moriarty's books are irresistible!   

Professionally my first summer read was...
This is a quick read if you are interested in learning more about guided math. The author of this book, Dr. Nicki Newton, has a math blog full of lots of information about guided math groups. She also has some great videos on YouTube.  

Next on my reading list are...

Hope you are enjoying 
your summer reads! 
Mrs. Bell

facts to and from 5

We practiced adding and subtracting within 5 a lot this past spring.
provides 7 activities to practice adding to 5 and 
7 activities to practice subtraction from 5. 
Here are some really bad pics of a few of the 
activities that I took with my iPhone. We were soooo 
busy in the spring that taking pictures didn't happen a lot.  
To do these activities you need the following math manipulatives...
wooden cubes, frog erasers, and tiles.
You can find the pony bead bracelets HERE
Mrs. Bell
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