nonfiction book bin labels

These Nonfiction Book Bin Labels have already peaked the interest of my little readers. The photos draw them in and help keep our nonfiction books organized.
 I am loving all the nonfiction book interest during Find Your Book Nook
Mrs. Bell

introducing my new kindergarten friends...

The Class of 2028 is off to a great start!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
(Thank you Cindy Gilchrist for our adorable first day sign!)
Mrs. Bell

Friday Freebies - Guess My Character and Character & Author Cards

Today's freebie is a game that my students love to play on Fun Friday. I use the headbands from the game Hedbanz to play Guess My CharacterOne student places a character card in their headband. The student wearing the headband can ask 5 questions about their character. “Am I an animal? Am I a boy? Am I a cat? Do I like to sing? Do I wear colorful shoes? Am I Pete the Cat? You can also play this game by having students give the student wearing the headband clues. “You are an animal. You are a boy. You are a cat. You like to sing. You like to wear colorful shoes.” This is a fun way to make connections to characters and learn about character traits. 
Get this freebie HERE.

There Was An Old Lady Reader's Theater

Check out my latest 
Kindergarten Reader's Theater...

It's All About the Shapes

There are lots of fun math activities in my new Kindergarten geometry unit, It's All About the Shapes. These activities can be used for whole group or guided math instruction. This unit includes game boards, sorting mats, guessing bags, differentiated memory, guess my shape and spin and cover games that make learning about 2D and 3D shapes memorable. Go grab these activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Mrs. Bell's Buddies Are First Grade Bound

THE BEST teacher gift! 
As the school year ended we had a big celebration to celebrate the writers, readers, mathematicians and scientist we became this year. My class gave me some awesome gifts. I got some gift cards to some of my favorite places and a 
Mrs. Bell Polka Dots Pal.
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