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Friday Favorites

I am trying really hard not to buy anything online...but these are only $1

love this leaf rubbings mural

so cute, so simple, so love it

a great download for parents

what project can I add texture to??

label the teacher...brilliant!

Mrs. Bell

Chicka Chicka Name Trees

I saw these...
at this blog...

and then we made these...

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I am in Chicka love with these:)
Mrs. Bell

alphabet silly bands

Brennan's awesome mom bought us finger silly bands in the shapes of letters at Walgreens.
Look how many she bought us...
 They were in packs of A to L and M to Y {no x and z}. I made a sorting sheet and everyone got to sort a pack and take them home. We also have enough to use as work work, so we will be getting lots of 
letter identification and sorting practice.
Thank you Brennan and Brennan's mom for thinking of us!!!
We had a blast doing this activity!!

If you happen to find these silly are the sorting sheets
silly bands sort

Mrs. Bell

our MO WILLEMS hot dog party...

This is the 3rd year that I have ended my writing workshop drawing unit with a Hot Dog Party and it just keeps getting better and better. After playing "Hot Dog Dress-up" on Mo Willems' website we put silly things on a hot dog, read The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, shared our drawing portfolios with our guests and ate yummy hot dogs. Last year my teaching partner gave me the the idea of the students drawing Mo characters on our tables covered with paper and I loved how this year some students had the whole Mo lineup at their seats. 
Enjoy this Smilebox of our party...
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make your own silly hot dogs...

hot dog
Mrs. Bell

Friday Favorites

great addition to my list books writing unit

check out the Youtube videos on this post

these 5 senses kiddos are too cute

this character looks adorable

 Mrs. Lee's centers are THE BEST

 quick! here is the code to disable Blogger lightbox...amen

I {heart} kindergarten art work

 holy adorable {and informational} science blog!!

I want to wallpaper my bathroom with these swimming pictures

Mrs. Bell