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coming soon... a bookshelf near you!
I love looking forward to a new book about a favorite character, but right now I am looking forward to four new books starring three of my favorite characters!!!
Check these out and add them to your wish list.
Mrs. Bell

little einsteins

This week during science workshop we learned about scientists and the tools they use. We learned that scientist study the world. They ask questions, experiment and record their findings. We had fun learning how to use scientist's tools. We practiced using a hand lens, saw a butterfly and bee leg in a microscope, used a stethoscope to listen to a friend's heart, practiced using an eye dropper and compared the weight of things with a balance scale. At the end of the week we asked some questions about an apple, experimented by cutting apples open and recorded what we found in our science notebooks. Ask these little einsteins what kind of scientist they would like 
to be when they grow up and their answers will include zoologist, doctor, geologist, paleontologist, volcanologist, meteorologist, 
astrologist, botanist, arborist or marine biologist.
Fiona was so excited to share her science kit from home.
Andrew the Zoologist.
You can read more about our science notebooks HERE
Check out Kindergarten Kindergarten's science tool unit HERE.
Mrs. Bell

kindergarten finds some hot dogs!

We had our Mo Willems Hot Dog Party today to celebrate the end of 
our writing workshop drawing unit. We played Hot Dog Dress Up 
and dressed up our own hot dogs...
 We ate hot dogs...
 We shared our drawing portfolios...
We showed off our pigeon artwork...

We had a blast at our hot dog party!
I am so proud of all my little artist and pigeon creators!
Mrs. Bell