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toss tell and take

Toss Tell and Take
My students love Toss, Tell and Take Kindergarten Math so much, 
that I created Toss, Tell and Take Kindergarten Language Arts.  
This is an organized, fun way to practice kindergarten language arts skills. This is a great guided reading activity or can be used to provide language arts intervention. 
The following Kindergarten Common Core Standards 
can be assessed and practiced with this packet...
RF.K.1 Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters.
RF.K.3 Associate the long and short sounds for the five major vowels
RF.K.3 Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondence by producing the primary sound for each consonant.
RF.K.3 Read common high-frequency words by sight.
RF.K.2 Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme (consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC) words.
RF.K.2 Recognize and produce rhyming words.

See this unit in action. 
These smarties are practicing identifying long and short vowel sounds 
during their guided reading group...

Get the bundle of these two units HERE.
Mrs. Bell

character traits in kindergarten

I use Kid Adsit and Michele Scannell's reader's workshop units. Their Digging Deeper unit focuses on characters and settings. I was frustrated with my students'  simple responses to describe characters. Everyone knows that Goldilocks is a girl with blonde hair. I wanted them to be able to do a little more thinking about characters, so I created this character traits unit for kindergarten learners. I picked words to describe characters that five and six year olds could relate to. Here is how this unit works...

Read a story...
sort the character trait cards to describe the main character...
{I made my students provide evidence from the story to support the character trait they picked.}
 add the character traits they pick to describe the character to a graphic organizer...
 have readers draw and pick their own character traits to describe the character...
read another story and repeat the above activities.
My students loved this activity. 
You can download, print and do this activity right away.
Mrs. Bell

feeling thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!
Feeling thankful for my creative students and their families. 
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{Thanks again to Miss Kindergarten for inspiring our ADORABLE turkey hats.}
Mrs. Bell

gobble, gobble, gobble

We have been going a little turkey overboard.
I am in love with these turkey headbands that we made for our 
Thanksgiving Celebration next week. Thank you Miss Kindergarten for this idea!
This Turkey from Oriental Trading is a yearly favorite.
These turkeys were inspired by the story Turkey Trouble.
These scrapbook turkeys make me smile. 
Thank you Mrs. Rider for inspiring us to make these little gobblers!
Mrs. Bell

list books

We just finish writing lists and list books. During this unit we focused on making book covers, writing on every page, phonetic spelling, adding color and details to our drawings and making books. 
Check out these awesome list books...
 (Community Helpers by Max, fireman, astronaut, construction worker, police officer)
Insects by Matteo, butterfly, bee, ladybug, grasshopper)
(Farm Animals by Ryan, hen, dog, pig, goat)
(Super Heroes by Max, Flash, Superman, Batman, Hulk)

All that you need to implement this 
writing workshop unit is included in...
Check out this unit in my 
Mrs. Bell

chill out

Everyone needs a little time to "chill out" every now and then. 
Here is a sign that hangs in my "chill out" corner. Sometimes I suggest that someone needs a "chill out" time or students can go "chill out" on their own. 
Download the "Chill Out!" sign HERE.
Check out all the Friday Freebies HERE.
Mrs. Bell

halloween fun

A big thank you to the parents of Room 131 for a great Halloween party!
I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and found a way to stay warm. 
Mrs. Bell