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First Day of School

Jack and Brian Bell

Here are 2 of the 3 Bell Boys on the first day of school. These 2 headed off to the middle school, one "king of the hill" as an 8th grader and one "bottom of the barrel" as a 5th grader. Brian's excitement of going off to middle school quickly came to and end when he couldn't open his locker. (A trauma that will surely stay with him for the rest of his life.) There are no pictures of Casey because he did not want to go to school and wanted nothing to do with getting his picture taken. His first day of school started with him having to be surgically removed from me, but he quickly recovered and had a great day:)

Paige and Mrs. Bell

Our first days of kindergarten went smoothly. We drew pictures of what we did this summer during Writing Workshop, played tic-tac-toe in math, read The Night Before Kindergarten and made our own book about what we did the night before kindergarten. I enjoyed getting to know all of the children this week. I can tell it is going to be a great year in kindergarten!

The Boys (and 1 girl) of Summer!

We have had a great summer!  Brian and Casey played baseball, I went to see Coldplay, we went to a Reds and Dragon's game, went to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Casey learned to ride a two-wheeler, went canoeing, played on our friend's largest slip n' slide, Brian broke his wrist, we went to the pool a lot and an old car show.  I am looking forward to drawing and writing about what I did this summer.  What did you do this summer that you can draw or write about during Writers' Workshop?