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Room 131's Words

We read Max's Words and cut words out of magazine to make our own collection of words. Who needs a stamp or coin collection when you can have a word collection!! Everyone was so excited to find star words
and other words they could read.

Room 131's Got Skills

I love Glogster! Here is a glog of some of our favorite websites that we have played on our Smartboard. There are 4 computers in my classroom and this glog is set as the home page when my students open Firefox. Our computer teacher has a glog that is the home page when they open Safari. So we have lots of skills to practice, practice, practice. The best part of Glogster is that I can update my glog weekly after I introduce new websites and instantly these sites are available to my students.

other glog ideas...
share ideas (Right to Read Week theme)
homework (my son's glog about friction

It's Great to Be 8!!

This was a big week for Casey Bell...
He turned 8 on Monday and had a speaking part in his 2nd grade musical on Wednesday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Kiana was toooooo cute in this headband today and it stayed on alllll day:)

Horton Hatches the Egg

We watched the movie Horton Hatches the Egg right up to the point when the egg starts to crack and then we stopped the move to create what might have hatched out of an egg in a silly Seuss book.
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There's a...

bocket, docket, hocket, jocket, mocket, nocket, tocket, vocket, wocket, yocket and zocket
in my pocket.

Who would you put in the zoo?

We read Put Me in the Zoo and wrote animal clues. Love their phonetic spelling, love their art work, LOVE my amazing writers and illustrators!

What am I

Kindergarten Quilt

Here is the kindergarten quilt that will be part of the silent auction at Madeira-opoly this weekend. The quilt was made by my mom, the front reminds me of Dick and Jane and the back is signed by the whole kindergarten class. If you are attending the auction this weekend, make sure you bid on our quilt:) Good Luck!!

We like green eggs and ham!!

We like them Sam I Am!!

State Quarters

We have been practicing identifying coins and their values. As part of our study, we collected the 50 state quarters. We were over the moon to
find our last few this week.
Find out more about state quarters HERE.

I love Cara Carrroll's The Great Coin Collection that I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers. There are lots of great coin games and teaching tools to use to introduce and practice identifying coins...
so check it out.

Seuss Stuff

The idea for these Cat in the Hat self portraits came from What the Teacher Wants.

After reading my many colored days
we made scratch art pictures.

Mrs. Raymore created these
Cat in the Hat hats out of marshmallows,
icing, cookies and fruit rollups.

Pajama Day!!!

After reading The Foot Books we traced our feet and measured how many cubes long they were.

Where do readers read?

Today was "Bring Your Favorite Seuss Book to School" Day. Enjoy the movie of our favorites and pictures of everyone getting "caught" reading during Read to Self.
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After reading I Can Read With My Eyes Shut we had a great discussion about where we like to read, what we like to read and who we like to read with. Strong readers practice their hop into one of our favorite places to read and
practice, practice, practice.