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our self-portraits...

These self-portraits are a daily reminder of the most important 
people in my classroom and the hard work, ideas and thinking 
that goes into them being Kindergarten learners. 
The inspiration for these self-portraits came from Ann Marie Corgill
Mrs. Bell

I {heart} flash drives GIVEAWAY

I have a problem with buying flash drives. They catch my eye every time I am in an office supply store or checkout line. So I am thrilled to go from a pile of these...
to a pile of these from USB Memory Direct...
Flash drives are great for 
sharing files with other teachers, 
sharing intervention activities with parents 
and for sharing or storing photos. 

Check out USB Memory Direct. They have lots of different flash drives to choose from and are super easy to work with. Their customer service is outstanding from the time you place your order to the time they are delivered to you. 
I want to share my love of flash drives with you, so five lucky winners will receive a flash drive loaded with $40 of products from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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Mrs. Bell

It's Fall Y'all

Can't believe that it is October, but bring on all things fall
starting with our scrapbook paper Pumpkin Heads...

Mrs. Bell