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Our Science Notebook Fish

I read this book:

Which led to this:

The basic idea of Using Science Notebooks in the Elementary Classroom is to give students an opportunity to analyze and reflect on the science concepts they are learning about. I love how each fish looks different but shows the child's grasp of the concept we are working on. Science notebooks are soooo much more engaging that worksheets from a teacher's manual!!

Octagon Snowmen

We have been studying shapes and reading lots of snow and snowman books. We combined the two to make these octagon snowmen.

octagon snowman

Stranger in the Woods and MLK

We readand created our own stranger.

We had a great discussion about Martin Luther King Jr. and made these portraits of him.

(click on either picture to make it bigger to find your creation)


we went on a shape hunt to find things that are square, circle, rectangle or triangle in magazines
after we talked about pattern block shapes, we made these pattern block shape snowflakes and recorded the amount of each shape that we used

snowflake label.cndx

Shape Robots

We made these shape robots to kick off
our study of shapes during math.


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My students are the definition of creativity. We have been inside a lot because of the snow and ice. During free choice our creative juices have been flowing...
William was taping pieces of white paper together to make a giant snowman, but then I showed him the bulletin board paper rolls. This is what he created...
Conner decided that the giant snowman needed a snow dog.

The Lego center is very popular. Check out these spaceships...

i love these snowmen!!!

As soon as I saw these snowmen on Da Vinci's Wings I knew that I wanted to make them. Recently I have expanded my obsession with blogs with the discovery of several incredible blogs created by art teachers. I have added Da Vinci's Wings to my list of blogs I like to stalk... AKA my Google Reader:) Check out THIS post and THIS post to join in on my new obsession.
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Snow Dance

We read the story Snow Dance,
graphed our favorite snow activities
and made a mural of our favorite activities.

The I Can Count to 100 Club

It is always fun to join a club. We are trying to see if everyone can join our "I can count to 100" club before the 100th day of school. We are very close:)
Here is the download if you would like to join our club...

counting to 100 club

Another Art Teacher Blog

I recently found some great blogs created by art teachers. Thanks to Babbling Abby, I found another great art teacher blog.

Gigi's Window Winner...

Our Lucky Duck is someone who gets to pick a duck to hold onto all day and be our helper.

Thomas was our Lucky Duck today,
so he got to pick the Gigi's Window winner.
The winner is Katherine. She has a blog called Live. Love. Teach.
Katherine please leave a comment with your contact information or email me to claim your book. If you didn't win, you can order your own copy of Gigi's Window HERE or HERE.

New Year Balloon Follow Up

Here is picture of our New Year's balloons.
You can find the download for the balloon HERE.
The children made some great 2011 promises:
Zoe is going to clean her room
William is going to clean the whole house
Conner is going to make his bed
Rylee is going to clean the whole basement
Mia is going to let the dogs out
Kiana is going to do the dishes
Stephen is going to clean his room
Charlie is going to wash the table
Fin is going to take care of the dog
Max M. is going to make his bed
Julia N. is going to feed her kitten
Kenneth is going to do his homework
Jack is going to make his bed
Alex is going to clean his room
Graham is going to clean his room
Adrienne is going to wash the dishes
Max A. is going to help take care of his baby brother
I hope that everyone can keep their 2011 promises. I wish they could all stop by my house on the weekends to help me out:)

sqworl bookmarking site

I love this site for bookmarking teaching ideas from websites and blogs because it creates a thumbnail of the bookmark, it has an add button that makes adding sites to my existing groups easy, I can make notes about the activity I am saving and it creates URLs for my groups so that I can share my finds with others.

Here is my Sqworl for the January ideas that I have found.

Our After-Christmas Tree

The After-Christmas Tree
by Linda Wagner Tyler
We made pinecone ornaments for our After Christmas Tree today. We are looking forward to seeing who will visit our tree. You can check out last year's after Christmas tree HERE and HERE.

Enter to win an autographed copy of Gigi's Window HERE.