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HaPpY HaLlOwEen!

We had a great day at school yesterday! After Writing Workshop, calendar and graphing some bones we were ready to party! In the morning we played pass the pumpkin, Halloween BINGO, made scratch art pumpkins, read a story and danced like spiders. In the afternoon we played pass the pumpkin, read a story, made masks and ate spiders and eyeballs. Thanks to all the parents that helped with our parties!! The kids had a blast! Looking forward to hearing all about Halloween on Monday.

Boo To You!

Got the idea to Boo some classrooms at school from Kindergarten's 3R's blog and downloaded the boo sheets from Carson Dellosa.

First we prepared the Boo Buckets...

Then we Boo'd 3 classes by placing a bucket outside their classroom door, knocking and running around the corner to watch them find it...yes I said we ran in the hallway:)

Getting ready to Boo...

Running back to our room before we get caught...
Laying on the floor watching...
I love how some of the kids thought because they were laying on the floor no one could see us:)
Miss Sloniker finding her Boo Bucket after we had to knock 3 times!!
We got Boo'd back today and got some yummy gummy treats!
Happy Halloween!!

Love, Love, Love

Loved being downtown at Saint Xavier
church and The Hall of Mirrors! Loved the priest's jokes and words of wisdom for Joe and Susan! Loved seeing the look in Joe's eyes when he first saw Susan! Loved Susan's big smile all night long! Loved spending time with women that I have know since I started teaching! Loved laughing about my job interview 19 years ago and all the memories since! Loved spending time with everyone at my table! Loved dancing! Loved that my heals were high enough to dance with Mr. Bell! Loved the food! Loved Susan's dress! Loved my dress! Loved the wedding!

Rain, Rain Go Away

There was just too much rain on Friday to go to the farm and keep the kids dry and safe. Since Green Acres was able to reschedule for Monday, November 2nd, we decided to cancel. After Writing Workshop and calendar we took off our rain boots and curled up and watched a movie. Ty said that it was the best day of kindergarten so far, so I will have to work on my lesson plans for tomorrow:)

The Firemen Came to Visit Today

Today the Madeira/Indian Hill Fire Department visited us at school. We got to see their brand new fire truck, an ambulance and the smoke house. We learned a lot about fire safety. We saw a fireman in all of his equipment and learned not to be scared of him if he is trying to help us even though he has a big mask on and sounds like Darth Vader. We learned that an ambulance is like a doctor's office on wheels and we got to watch Maggie and Ty's heartbeat on a little TV. In the smoke house we learned that you need to crawl to get out of a house full of smoke, you need to check to see if doors are hot before you open them, you need to check the batteries in your smoke alarm and that every family needs to have a plan for where everyone is going to meet if the smoke alarm goes off. Thanks to the Fire Department for making this such a fun, informational and special day for us!

Officer Miller

Officer Miller visited today and showed us the tools he uses to do his job and his police car. He put Luke and Leah in handcuffs and demonstrated how his taser looks like lightning.
Officer Miller also talked to us about the following Halloween safety tips:
1. Wear the reflector that he is going to give you next week on Halloween night.
2. Be careful if you wear a mask. It is better to use makeup so that you can see.
3. Make sure that your costume is not too long so that you do not trip over it.
4. Try to walk on the sidewalk or the farthest side of the street.
5. Listen to the adult that you are trick-or-treating with.
6. Only trick-or-treat at houses that have lights on.
7. Don't go inside a stranger's houses.
8. It is polite to use sidewalks and driveways instead of running through yards.
9. Cross streets with an adult and look both ways twice.
10. Don't cross the street between parked cars.
11. Wait until you get home to eat your candy and check it out.
12. Don't eat candy that is not in a wrapper.
13. Don't eat candy if the wrapper is torn.
Ask your child about Officer Miller's visit and how they are going to be safe this Halloween.

Pumpkin Heads!

We read the book Pumpkin Heads! by Windell Minor and made our own Pumpkin Heads. See if your child can pick out their Pumpkin Head in the pictures of our bulletin board display. The blue border is the morning class and the red border is the afternoon class.

Harvest Festival

Thanks to the PTA for another successful Harvest Festival! Thanks to Camargo Rental for the tent that prevented the rain from ruining the fun! It was fun to see so many of my students, past and present. Casey and Brian won really loud whistles that will soon have to disappear:) I won the Men's Fitness basket that quickly became the Women's Fitness Basket:) I am looking forward to spending my gift certificates to The Running Spot, Benchmark, BioWheels and Cincinnati Natural Foods. I might even buy a tennis racked to go with my new tennis bag:)

New Elephant and Piggie Book!

Mo Willems released a new Elephant and Piggie book yesterday, Pigs Make Me Sneeze. I can't wait to get to the bookstore to buy it! He also release a book called Big Frog Can't Fit In.
Happy Reading!

For Mattie:

Mattie really wants to see a picture of my dog Toby.
She has asked me several times, so here you go Mattie.
He is big and eats my socks, but who can resist this furry face?