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This Week in Kindergarten

This was our first week of doing work stations and the children have done an amazing job! Each week we will have 6 work stations that everyone will complete by the end of the week by doing 2 a day. This week's work stations were going to Starfall on the computer, listening to Splat the Cat, reading Colors Around Me with me, putting the letters of the alphabet in order, sorting letters and matching everyone's name to their picture.
Here is a picture of how I organize who goes where each day.

The morning names are blue on the left, the afternoon names are red on the right and I take photographs of the stations. The concept of my work stations came from reading the book Literacy Work Stations by Debbie Diller. In our work stations this week we practiced reading color words. You can practice this skill with your child by following the link below:

In math we have been sorting buttons and attribute blocks. We did this fun, quick sorting activity on the SMART Board this week:


  1. Thanks so much for your hard work, Jonelle. Your room is so visually appealing. Ella loved doing the stations!

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