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BIG Story Problems

We have been working on solving BIG story problems in math. We follow four steps to complete our story problems. First we read our story problem. We find star words that we know how to read and then practice reading words we need to know to solve our problem. Next we draw a picture to go with our story problem. Then we write a math equation (BIG math word) that represents our story problem. Finally we write a sentence about the answer to our story problem. We have been doing these story problems on our SMARTboard and then working on them with a partner. Enjoy these pictures of our BIG story problems...


  1. I can't access the pictures for this...any way you could post them again?? I want to do them with my class :)

  2. I can't access the picture either and I would really like to see how you do this :( is there anyway you can email it to me? thank you!!!