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I love my new iPad!!

I am so excited about my new iPad and the apps that I have purchased for my kindergarteners. Here are the best apps that I have found for kindergarten learners.
Robot Reader (free) a robot voice tells you the letter, sound, word and definition of something that starts with that letter

1 2 3 Color ($1.99) I love this app! It is basically a fancy color by number, letter or color picture. The letter, number or color only disappears if you choose the right one.

Letters A to Z ($.99) This is the app that I am going to use first. It is letter and sound flash cards with cute illustrations.

iWrite Words ($2.99) Great app for practicing writing upper and lowercase letters, numbers and words. Love how you have to send the letters down a "hole" when you are finished.

Letter Lab ($2.99) Great app for writing upper and lowercase letters.

Pocket Charts! Beginning Sounds ($1.99) Match a letter to a picture of something that starts with that letter. The only thing I do not like about this app is that the pictures are shown in alphabetical order.

Pocket Charts! Vowel Sounds (($1.99) Identify short and long vowels. Great app.

Learn Sight Words ($.99) This is an iPhone app, but it is worth it because you can flag the sight words that you use or sight words that a child is having trouble identifying for practice.

ABC Sight Words Writing ($2.99) Good app for practicing spelling and writing sight words.

Memory Zoo ($.99) Love the pictures on this app. This is an animal memory game.

Check out my post about math apps, stay tuned to this post for more apps to use with kindergarten students, or share some apps that you have found by leaving a comment.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing all the cute apps. Stop over to my blog and enter to win some of our 21 teacher giveaways. You can enter through Sunday! Thanks again... First time visitor and new follower!

  2. Thank you for posting and describing these games! My district is holding meetings to make a decision about purchasing ipads and I will use the information to present in support! Thanks!

  3. If you haven't tried the app called Monkey Math, my Kindergarteners LOVE it and it wasn't too expensive!

    1. I used Monkey Math with my kindergartener's last year as well and it was a favorite!

  4. Please let us know if you have any problems with kids pressing the home button too much and exiting apps!

  5. I put the apps that they can use on the homepage and set a timer, if they venture off their turn is over or they are not allowed to do the iPads next time we get them out.

  6. I saw this page mentioned on Pinterest. I also have a kindergartner, an iPad, and most of these apps. Take a look at I have three of theirs and really like them. We create our own cartoons with Toontastic and ebooks with Book Creator. I've used the Apple Digital AV Adapter in my library storytimes. We especially like group art projects using Faces I Make.

    Nice blog. I'm going to enjoy following your app reviews.

  7. Can these apps be used on an I Pod Touch ??