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A School of Fish Facts

My teammate, Amy, who has a blog called
Literacy and Laughter came up with this great idea to make scrapbook paper fish. I love these fish! On the back of their fish, each child wrote a fish fact from our fishy facts chart. Enjoy this movie of our very unique school of fish.

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  1. awww! I had no idea you could do audio w/ smilebox!! I will be checking that out!! I LOVE that program!! So easy...and FREE! Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Hetick

  2. Sarah, you can upload videos into Smilebox. I made this one in iMovie and then imported it into Smilebox. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Jonelle,

    I loved all of your students' fish facts! They all did such a great job with these! THANK YOU for the blog shout out. So glad we get to brainstorm together!