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Your Wish List of Books

After reading all of your comments in my 
Amazon gift card giveaway...
I {heart} your passion for books!
I {heart} that so many of you love Mo as much as I do!
{check out my Mo post HERE and HERE and HERE}
I {heart} that so many of you are professional readers!
I {heart} all of your wish list books!
The winner of the gift card is
Congratulations Mrs. Carson!

Here is a wish list I created of all the books 
you mentioned in your entries.
{click on any of the books in this list to order them for your classroom}

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  1. I love that cookie book! hey come join in the Kinder fun and join the giveaway!

  2. We need some Kinder lovin' over here at Teachers Ask, Teachers Tell! We've got a teacher asking for help!

    Teachers Ask, Teachers Tell