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I LOVE Christmas Cards!!

Christmas card love...
Since my oldest was born I have made our Christmas card.
I really considered uploading a picture to Shutterfly when I started gluing on the tiny heart :)
Stampin' Up...
ribbon and heart punch Michaels
We hung all of the picture cards that we received on the wall and our kids have looked at them every day.
I usually bag up all the cards in a ziplock at the end of the season, but thanks to blogland I am going to do this...
download these adorable covers here...

Mrs. Bell


  1. Love this idea, I didn't get many cards this year seems a lot of people decided online cards were easier :( I really missed getting them in the mail and having a collection to look at over time! Love the idea of saving them too!


  2. What a cute Christmas card wall- the perfect decorations!

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  3. Christmas is still one of those times where good ol' fashioned cards are the best. Although, we get less each year. I love your display and storage idea.

    Best wishes for 2012.

  4. I saw this idea to and fell in love it... with all the photo cards I get I hate to throw them out. Now there is a great way to save them.