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we {heart} buttons

When I was five I loved to play with my grandmother's buttons. We have been exploring and sorting buttons. The sound of the kids digging through buttons and their excitement over finding just the right button has reminded me of my grandmother. She would love that some of her buttons are part of our classroom button collection. 

We have read several "button" books...
and sorted buttons in lots of different ways...

we used sorting mats to sort buttons
we did three way sorts 
and we recorded a color sort in our math notebooks
Mrs. Bell


  1. The sorting mats are darling. I went looking for buttons and can't believe how expensive they are. Geez! thank you for a cute post.

    1. Send out a note to parents asking for buttons, check out garage sales or buy them at Michaels or JoAnn with a coupon.

  2. Both JoAnn's and Michael's give teacher discounts.