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I'm With Otis!

Each year, millions of adults and children around the world gather on a single day to set a new reading record and to show their support for early literacy by joining Jumpstart's Read For the RecordThis year, author Loren Long will read Otis on Read for the Record Day. Long will read to set a world record for the largest shared reading experience in a live video chat. We are sooooo lucky that Loren Long lives in our community. His sons play soccer with my son and he loves to visit our school. We are also sooooo lucky to be the recipients of our own copy of Otis to read today and share with our families. So, grab a book and "Read for the Record" today!

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Mrs. Bell


  1. So sad we can't participate in Australia. We are on spring school holidays! Great idea. Hope the record falls.
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. Our whole elementary school wore pajamas. We all sat together in the gym and listened to the story. It was great!
    Mrs. Parre's island kindergarten