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The MAILBOX winners

I loved all of your comments regarding The MAILBOX post. 
It sounds like Betsy has been very busy, Betty and Cherie introduced me to 
some new books to read at the beginning of the year and I think Laura needs to learn a few languages. Good luck to Jen who is starting her first year teaching, Mrs. Walsh is very brave moving from 3rd grade to Kindergarten, I love Mrs. Morrow's can/can't lesson and Jennifer is on day 16 and is so deserving of this holiday weekend. I feel like I am in the assessment "Groundhog Day" movie with Kim, my heart goes out to Casey Jo since she changed grade levels two days before school started and I am extremely jealous of Sue because she only has 12 students in her class. 
Finally, a big thanks goes out to Christine for trying my Reader's Theater!

Thanks for all the comments! 
I put your names in a hat and picked 10 winners.
And the Gold Memberships go to...
Betty Liu
Renee S.
Christine Crimmins
Lydia Schaeffer
Mrs. Morrow 
Mrs. Walsh
Mrs. S
Check your email for your Gold Membership.
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I hope everyone has a great school year!
Mrs. Bell


  1. Yay, thank you! I am patiently awaiting for an email in my inbox! *wink*

  2. Don't be too jealous of my 12 students because it will ultimately change to 16+ in the coming weeks as parents register their child, so it actually makes it rather difficult for kids to be coming in every few days and having to acclimate them to school. They miss being their on the first day and many of those beginning routines and building community, plus since it is 4K they are more likely to cry. But we will get through it all and I am sure it will be a great year, just a few bumps to start.

  3. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to my Gold Membership!

  4. How exciting! It made my day a little brighter when I checked your blog and saw my name!!! Thanks so much and hope you have a great year!