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The After Christmas Tree

Maybe I had too much rest over the break, or I was dwelling too much on being sad that the holidays were over...whatever the reason, it led me to do this...

Deciding to make pinecone, peanut butter, birdseed ornaments for an after Christmas tree with 35 five and six year olds. I have always loved the book
The After Christmas Tree by Linda Wagner Tyler.
Feeling a little sad that the holidays are over, the family invites friends to an after Christmas party. They decide to take the decorations off their Christmas tree, drag it outside and make birdseed ornaments to hang on it to feed the birds and animals. Enjoy the pictures of us making our birdseed ornaments while you think about our classroom, the children and myself covered with birdseed and peanut butter.
We are keeping an eye on our After Christmas Tree to see if it is getting any visitors while we read about what animals like to use evergreen trees for their home or food source. Our tree is the middle evergreen tree at the end of the parking lot if you would like to check it out yourself.


  1. I adore this book too! I laughed at your opening comment - what a brave woman you are:)

  2. nI think they ate as much of the p-butter as they used!