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See What Everyone Is Bloggin' About?

Once I started blogging this summer, I wanted to find other teachers that were blogging. It has been fun to connect with other educators around the globe and share ideas with them. We did a math activity this fall that I saw on Mr. Kindergarten, I sent a link to an author about how we used some ideas from her book and I have been emailing April that blogs at Kindergarten Cronicles. It is on her blog that I got the idea to join Smilebox. Here is a list of some of the amazing educational blogs that I have found. Hope you find some inspiration and ideas. While you are visiting these blogs check out their blogroll and you will find even more blogs. Add them all to your Google Reader and life will never be the same...

Bloggin' About Kindergarten:

Bloggin' About Techy Stuff:

Bloggin' About Elementary School:

Bloggin' About Middle School:

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  1. Hi Mrs. Bell,
    I was happy to find your blog today - and flattered to see our classroom blog on your list. I like how you have your favorites organized. I think I will put up a new category for author blogs on mine, too. We are a grade 2 in Quebec. Thanks for your ideas.
    Mrs. Lynch
    Look What's Happening in Room 102

  2. Thanks for posting a comment, as you know it is always exciting to get comments. The posts about blogging are for an Ohio technology conference that I am presenting at next your wonderful blog will be getting lots of hits:)

  3. I didn't have a chance to attend your session but with the great tool of having your presentation and websites up on the web I came across such great blogs as well as your shelfari. All things I love and can't wait to keep exploring. From a fan, great work and keep it coming!!
    Paula Martens - columbus