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Word Wall Party

This is my word wall after a few weeks of school...after I have done some mini lessons during writing workshop about environmental print and added them to the wall, we have done lots of name activities and the students names have been added and the star (sight) words that have been introduced have been added. Later, during a writing unit about writing special memories, common words that pertain to 5 and 6 year olds will be added. I cut up an alphabet poster to make my word wall. I also included in this post word wall tests that I use as a work station. In my tests I include student's pictures and star words, but made these to go along with the special memories words.

environmental print logos for a word wall:
logos for ww

This environmental print alphabet is made using many of the logos from my word wall. My students keep this alphabet in their writing folders.
environmental print alphabet

writing workshop special memories words
word wall words

example of student names and pictures


  1. Thanks for participating in my linky party! I love your environmental print. The way you have your word wall on the cabinets is fab too. :)

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
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  2. love all the environmental print ideas, thanx for sharing them. When do you start giving the "word wall tests"? I have tried to come up with ideas for something like that, but never got this close.

  3. I love your environmental print! Thanks for sharing...I would link up, but didn't take any word wall pictures before taking my classroom apart for the summer. We use some sight word cards that I found in a teacher catalog and they are printed with color background to reflect the height of each letter. It reminds me of how you cut out your student names with the capital letters. Happy Summer!

  4. I love your environmental print alphabet! So creative!

  5. LOVE your word wall and special memory words. Thank you so much for posting!

  6. I'm teaching at a school in Cambodia, and have a heart for ELL students. This idea would be a GREAT way to get any student finding letters and sounds in their environment, but the pictures and visuals would be especially good for ELL students. Thanks for sharing!!