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spider research

We have learned a lot about spiders.
We made these spiders that have 2 body parts, 8 eyes and 8 legs.
Inspired by...
We made marble painting spider webs, ourselves into spiders 
and wrote our favorite spider fact on the back.
Listen to us read our favorite spider fact...
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Mrs. Bell


  1. Thanks for that little "shout out"! I love how your spiders turned out and those turkeys are simply ADORABLE! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Blogging!

    Susan @ Mrs Nations' Learning Garden

  2. I am a math teacher and will use this concept with my older kids. One idea is with geometry and shapes...polygons and all their attributes. I'm going to have the kids create their own cards. This presentation has endless possibilities. Thanks, I love it.

  3. Can you share what you used to help students research spiders? I'd love to hear if/how students helped you made your chart in the first picture!

    1. We make the chart together during group time. I choose simple nonfiction books to guide our discussion. Now that I have done it a few times, I can even guide them towards the facts I know I want on the chart:)

  4. Did your students look up information about spiders? How did they find the information on your first chart?

    I'd love to hear more!