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Turkey Time

Last year my teaching partner came up with the idea for these scrapbook paper turkeys...AKA the cutest turkeys on planet Earth. I instantly fell in love with them. Check out Mrs. Rider's original post...
Our scrapbook paper turkeys...
Our disguised turkeys...
Our thankful turkey...

Mrs. Bell


  1. I like your scrapbook turkey feathers....I was just wondering what I was going to make feathers out of for our cards for the elderly.... Perfect Idea! Thank You for sharing :)
    the very busy kindergarten

  2. Your scapbook paper turkeys are soooo cute! I like how they really did the cutting and designing themselves. I sometimes forget to really let the kids do things without a template. Gobble! Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Jonelle!! I really love your students' scrapbook turkeys! Too cute!


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