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getting a little more organized

After "Christmas Crazy" was over and the leftovers have been eaten, most of Christmas has been put away, the house is clean and the laundry is almost caught up...I got to spend some time in my jammies organizing my computer and blog. I first started with organizing my desktop and moved on to cleaning out the starred items in my Google Reader.
This is why if you are following me on Pinterest you saw my picture a lot:)
{click this button in my sidebar to check out my pins}

I moved on to creating a new Facebook page for my blog.
{click on this button in my sidebar to "like" this page}

Next, I took the time to update my 
pages across the top of my blog.

Adding more buttons to 
is on my to-do list, so if you have a kindergarten blog that has a blog button 
and you do not see your button in 
leave me a comment and I will add you.

Finally, I cleaned up some code and added this Common Core App to the side of my blog.
Look for this...

and it will open this...
 I have a printout that I have been using, but this is so much more fun.

So if you feel the urge to do some do some blog cleaning, feel free to add my button to your blog, 
pick up my RSS feed or shoot me an email by using these buttons...
Here's to starting the year a little more organized!!

Mrs. Bell


  1. This is great...I should add it to my to do list!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. That is awesome!! I am a newer blogger and not sure how to get a button?? I also woul like to add blogs that I follow but not sure how to do that either?? I did however figure out how to download that Common Core App!! Exciting!!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! I would love to add you as I visit you Blog weekly!!

  3. cute! very streamlined!

    Miss Moore

  4. I gave you an award! Come on over and check it out!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  5. Everything looks great!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  6. Hi There! I just came across your blog while searching for info. about rss feeds. I am not sure how to add one to my blog. I have a bloglist that keeps me updated on all the blogs I that an rss feed? If so, how would I find the address of the rss feed to paste somewhere...? I would love any guidance you could give.
    Chris Kazanjian
    The Kinder"garden" Teacher

    1. If you are using Blogger, I think that there is a RSS feed gadget. I follow blogs using Google Reader.