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Science Notebooks Week - Monday

I {heart} using notebooks in my classroom!
This week I am going to share some of our science notebook pages. 
We start off the year talking about scientists and the tools they use.
We read these books...

Then created these notebook pages...

I found unruled composition books at

I use address labels (Avery 5160) to add titles to the top of the pages.

Professional Resource:

Pinterest Inspiration...
Check out the rest of the week:
Happy Notebooking!!
Mrs. Bell


  1. I'm looking for ways to improve my science journaling for next year. I look forward to following along!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I love using interactive notebooks like that in kindergarten. My kiddos had a similar set-up, but we just used one notebook for all the subjects. They LOVED when they got to create in their "special notebooks". :)


  3. Adorable! Makes kids feel like real scientists, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing. Renee

  4. I have been looking for something EXACTLY like this for science! Thank you SO much for the ideas and the pictures. How often do you use the science and math notebooks? Thanks again,