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1954 kindergarten report card

My friend found her father's kindergarten report card from 1954. Some of my favorite 1954 assessment categories are…

I keep my hands, nails and teeth clean. 
I sit, stand and walk straight. 
I use my handkerchief and cover my mouth when I cough.
I think of things to do and make by myself.
Love the Boo-hoo!
Michael is the valedictorian of his class.
I keep time and do what the music tells me.
 And last, but not least, the 3 academic standards…
I can make numbers to 10. 
I can print my name.
I know colors.
If this was my kindergarten report card I think I would have a class full of valedictorians. All this report card needs is some Scrappin' Doodles or Ashley Hughes clipart 
and KG Fonts and it would be perfect:)
Mrs. Bell


  1. S = sometimes or satisfactory? A+ student should have a Y for yes!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the accompanying stick figure pictures! :)

  3. This is hilarious! I just wanted to tell you how excited we are about the upcoming school year! Lilah can't wait for her kindergarten school year to begin. Brennan has been prepping her on the "Rules of Mrs. Bell's Class!"

    1. Tell Lilah I have started getting the room ready and we are going to have a great year. I am glad that Brennan is preparing her for kindergarten. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  4. Hi Mrs. Bell, I'm Mrs. Bell and I teach Kinder! LOL

  5. Oh my. LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. Now we just need a side by side comparison of the report card now and have someone open it again in 50+ years. Oh geeez wonder what the K report card will look like then?!?