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friday freebie kids at work signs

Are you thinking about setting up your classroom for the new school year? If yes, you need my Kids at Work and Kindergarten Workshop Signs. Today's freebie is meant to be used with my Kindergarten Workshop Signs. I love to call each of our academic times workshops. I tell my students that it is their job to work hard during math, writing, reading and science workshop. You can grab the Kids as Work Signs for FREE and the Kindergarten Workshop Signs for $1.50 in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store
Now if I could only convince my own children, especially my teenagers, to work hard at school life would be perfect. My two teenagers work hard at sleeping and hanging out with friends:) 
Mrs. Bell


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    1. Thanks for the comment Amy! Enjoy the signs.

  2. Thank you! They are so cute!

  3. You are amazing! Thanks for these and for sharing your wonderful ideas. Can't wait to use them!