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We just finish writing lists and list books. During this unit we focused on making book covers, writing on every page, phonetic spelling, adding color and details to our drawings and making books. 
Check out these awesome list books...
 (Community Helpers by Max, fireman, astronaut, construction worker, police officer)
Insects by Matteo, butterfly, bee, ladybug, grasshopper)
(Farm Animals by Ryan, hen, dog, pig, goat)
(Super Heroes by Max, Flash, Superman, Batman, Hulk)

All that you need to implement this 
writing workshop unit is included in...
Check out this unit in my 
Mrs. Bell


  1. I just purchased this unit and I am very excited to begin. It is a great bridge from learning letter sounds to writing sentences. I was wondering if you all work on the same lists at the same time or if you just lay out the options and let the children pick? Do you put a list book together for them or do you make one of the lists at the end? Thanks for putting this together! Jennie

    1. We did the list book pages together. I made a set of the cards without words for each of my tables and they shared them. I really used this unit to practice phonetic spelling. When we start writing the books I present the cards as part of my mini lesson. Some use them and some write their own ideas. By the end of the unit I was only using the cards with my struggling students. Hope this helps. Keep in touch. I would love to hear how your writers like the unit.

  2. Jonelle,
    This is adorable...I am going to buy it. I can see it being so helpful for the kids who struggle with sounding out words and I can see all kids enjoy making these. How did you put the pages/pictures on your blog? The looked scanned...did you just scan them and upload a j peg? Thanks Melissa

    1. I scanned their books, created the boxes in Pages, dragged the scanned images in and screen captured the whole book. Not super easy:) How are you making your new slideshows? I am in love with them.