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Lakeshore nametages

I love these Lakeshore name tags. I put a label on a name tag and then put the name tag on a piece of card stock that fits into the plastic pocket. I put the child's name on both sides of the card so that when it flips around their name can still be read. This year I laminated them because gross things got into them last year and I had to remake a couple. We use these name necklaces the first few weeks of school when we go to specials, when we have special visitors throughout the year and on field trips. 

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Mrs. Bell

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  1. We use these at our school too. Each child gets a name tag in K4 and we pass them up to K5 and first grade. So the same child has the same name tag all three years. Mainly because we found some of the kids were chewing on the tags.

    Each year the teachers wash the tags and make new insides as well. We also have laminated cards with our school information and cell phone numbers in case we get separated on the field trip.