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Soooo much fun!!!

Saturday was an awesome afternoon and a chance to meet so many incredibly talented bloggy people. I smiled, laughed and talked, and talked and talked. When Abby was sitting, she was sitting by me and I was tempted to eat her french fries while she was up talking to everyone:) Abby is just as adorable as she is in blogland and no she did not have her unitard on. Here is a group shot...
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to Abby and Michelle for organizing the event!
{aren't they just as cute as Christmas}
Check out their posts about our meet-up...
Here I am with Mrs. Tabb...
I will definitely be keeping tabs on her:)
 It was so much fun meeting everyone...
I just wish I had a chance to talk to more people!!
I am soooo looking forward to our next get together!!

Check out Staci's list of everyone that attended...

Mrs. Bell


  1. Jonelle, I just love ya! And you totally should've taken some fries!!! I'm telling you, I'm for sure I drank someone else's Diet Coke!

  2. can we please, please get together again?? :)