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I have been tagged by these awesome fellow bloggers.
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Para-sailing, cruising and roller coasters, oh my!

I want Tammy to teach me how to coupon. bummed that I didn't get to talk to you more on Saturday.
Let's get together and you can teach me how to use my camera.

Can't believe my dear blogging friend and I have so much in common, 
with the exception of her 90210 obsession:)

 Allyce is 23 years old {20 years younger than me} 
and walks her dog on the beach...
I'll try not to hold those two things against her:)

She lives down the street from a Lakeshore...
I am showing up on her doorstep soon:)
OK, I hate not to play along, but just reading everyone's tag posts has taken up all my 
blogging time for the night and the thought of answering 72 question has me running for my PJs. 
Tag, your it to all of the fabulous blogs that inspire my teaching on a daily basis. 
Mrs. Bell

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