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Friday Freebies - Guess My Character and Character & Author Cards

Today's freebie is a game that my students love to play on Fun Friday. I use the headbands from the game Hedbanz to play Guess My CharacterOne student places a character card in their headband. The student wearing the headband can ask 5 questions about their character. “Am I an animal? Am I a boy? Am I a cat? Do I like to sing? Do I wear colorful shoes? Am I Pete the Cat? You can also play this game by having students give the student wearing the headband clues. “You are an animal. You are a boy. You are a cat. You like to sing. You like to wear colorful shoes.” This is a fun way to make connections to characters and learn about character traits. 
Get this freebie HERE.
If you like this game, there is a shape version in my It's All About the Shapes unit.
Help your students learn more about character traits 
by using my Kindergarten Characters unit. 

Happy Friday!
Mrs. Bell


  1. Hi! I was on Pinterest, and I was directed to your sight for an activity that you did a long time ago. The post was called "Where do Readers Read?" You had the kids draw a picture of themselves reading in the favorite spots. I could not find where to download the document. If you still have it, could you possibly e-mail it to me? That would be great. Thanks!

    1. Let me know if you have it, and I'll respond with my e-mail address.