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Boo To You!

Got the idea to Boo some classrooms at school from Kindergarten's 3R's blog and downloaded the boo sheets from Carson Dellosa.

First we prepared the Boo Buckets...

Then we Boo'd 3 classes by placing a bucket outside their classroom door, knocking and running around the corner to watch them find it...yes I said we ran in the hallway:)

Getting ready to Boo...

Running back to our room before we get caught...
Laying on the floor watching...
I love how some of the kids thought because they were laying on the floor no one could see us:)
Miss Sloniker finding her Boo Bucket after we had to knock 3 times!!
We got Boo'd back today and got some yummy gummy treats!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. awesome activity =o). a neighborhood in pleasant ridge does something like this also. They tape a ghost drawing to each other's doors and leave a treat.

    LiS - eve's mom

  2. Looooove this! Mattie had a blast...we do this in our neighborhood. It's even more fun in the dark:)

    Shelly Waltz

  3. Will thought this was sooo fun - and he said that even Mrs. Bell ran really fast in the hall :)

  4. How terrific! Kindergartners always love to surprise people- remember to make little posies that they can leave for classrooms in May for May Day! :)

  5. You are awesome Mrs. Bell

  6. We started something that spread throughout the whole school. What a fun Halloween:)