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The Firemen Came to Visit Today

Today the Madeira/Indian Hill Fire Department visited us at school. We got to see their brand new fire truck, an ambulance and the smoke house. We learned a lot about fire safety. We saw a fireman in all of his equipment and learned not to be scared of him if he is trying to help us even though he has a big mask on and sounds like Darth Vader. We learned that an ambulance is like a doctor's office on wheels and we got to watch Maggie and Ty's heartbeat on a little TV. In the smoke house we learned that you need to crawl to get out of a house full of smoke, you need to check to see if doors are hot before you open them, you need to check the batteries in your smoke alarm and that every family needs to have a plan for where everyone is going to meet if the smoke alarm goes off. Thanks to the Fire Department for making this such a fun, informational and special day for us!

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