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Love, Love, Love

Loved being downtown at Saint Xavier
church and The Hall of Mirrors! Loved the priest's jokes and words of wisdom for Joe and Susan! Loved seeing the look in Joe's eyes when he first saw Susan! Loved Susan's big smile all night long! Loved spending time with women that I have know since I started teaching! Loved laughing about my job interview 19 years ago and all the memories since! Loved spending time with everyone at my table! Loved dancing! Loved that my heals were high enough to dance with Mr. Bell! Loved the food! Loved Susan's dress! Loved my dress! Loved the wedding!

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  1. va-va-va voom!! wowza!! check out you and Mrs. Mackris! smokin! can you tell us WHO got married!?? hope this post isnt inappropriate for your audience. i'm sure you can delete