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Officer Miller

Officer Miller visited today and showed us the tools he uses to do his job and his police car. He put Luke and Leah in handcuffs and demonstrated how his taser looks like lightning.
Officer Miller also talked to us about the following Halloween safety tips:
1. Wear the reflector that he is going to give you next week on Halloween night.
2. Be careful if you wear a mask. It is better to use makeup so that you can see.
3. Make sure that your costume is not too long so that you do not trip over it.
4. Try to walk on the sidewalk or the farthest side of the street.
5. Listen to the adult that you are trick-or-treating with.
6. Only trick-or-treat at houses that have lights on.
7. Don't go inside a stranger's houses.
8. It is polite to use sidewalks and driveways instead of running through yards.
9. Cross streets with an adult and look both ways twice.
10. Don't cross the street between parked cars.
11. Wait until you get home to eat your candy and check it out.
12. Don't eat candy that is not in a wrapper.
13. Don't eat candy if the wrapper is torn.
Ask your child about Officer Miller's visit and how they are going to be safe this Halloween.


  1. Eve was so excited on Monday that I could barely make out what she was saying. Today she told me all about the taser and flashlight safety. She also said that Officer Miller said never play with a gun if you see it, ask an adult (for help, not whether you can play with it or not).


  2. Lucy certainly loved Officer Miller's visit! She thought the car wwas "cool" and can't wait now for Halloween since they talked about how to stay safe when trick-or-treating. Thanks Mrs. Ball and Officer Mike!