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Friday Favorites

 cute family and all about me activities

 my charts just don't look like Abby's...

 I {heart} Mrs. Lee's units
here is her latest one...

glue bottles and I battle on a daily basis...
I can't wait to try these

too cute for a Halloween party
{can't believe that Halloween falls on a Monday}

 lots of great FREE downloads like these rhyming cards on this blog

Mrs. Bell


  1. Ahh.....Thanks for the shout-out!!!!!!! What a nice surprise! Have a great weekend!

  2. Mrs. Bell-

    Where did you get the Tap-n-Glue Caps? I noticed they sell them online, but do they sell them in a store?

    First Grade School Box

  3. Finally in First posted about the tap-n-glue caps...I have yet to hunt for them. Check out her post.